Emelec go top as Barcelona play in Sudamericana

  On Wednesday I managed to get along to the Atahaulpa Stadium for the Quito derby: Deportivo Quito vs Liga. Unfortunately it was a fairly drab game with neither team really creating a lot of chances. The game was not a total loss however as I managed to scoop a fair few beers and see […]

IFFHS rate the top 25 leagues in the World.

The IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) have rated the top 25 leagues in the world today (I deliberately picked the top 25 as this includes Scotland). 1. España 761,0 2. Argentina 613,0 3. Brasil 590,0 4. England 470,0 5. Italia 469,0 6. Deutschland 445,0 7. Chile 411,5 8. Paraguay 384,0 9. France 372,0 […]

Ecuadorian Serie A kicks of Segunda Etape (second stage).

The second half (Segunda Etapa) of the Ecuadorian Serie A   kicked off at the weekend with more than a couple of surprises. Many of the teams have invested in new players and none more so than Deportivo Quito who brought in: Argentine midfielder Sebastian Rusculleda and Chilean forward, Gonzalo Lorca from Santiago Wanderers, Uruguayan defender […]

Deportivo Quito continue their impressive run

DEPORTIVO VS MACARA Someone, in their wisdom decided to have this week’s game on Friday afternoon at 12pm. The result was a crowd of barely 2,000 even with tickets slashed to encourage attendance. Luckily I finished my classes at 11.40 so I walked 5 minutes over to the stadium to take in the matinee performance. […]