IFFHS rate the top 25 leagues in the World.

The IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) have rated the top 25 leagues in the world today (I deliberately picked the top 25 as this includes Scotland).


1. España 761,0
2. Argentina 613,0
3. Brasil 590,0
4. England 470,0
5. Italia 469,0
6. Deutschland 445,0
7. Chile 411,5
8. Paraguay 384,0
9. France 372,0
10. Nederland 358,5
11. México 341,5
12. Republic of Korea 331,5
13. Greece 324,0
14. Ecuador 315,0
15. Saudi Arabia 305,0
16. Türkiye 294,0
17. Colombia 290,0
18. Iran 280,0
  Uruguay 280,0
20. Portugal 278,5
21. Japan 270,5
22. Kuwait 259,0
23. Malaysia 258,0
24. Nigeria 243,5
25. Scotland 241,5

To be fair I haven’t seen the majority of the leagues but their rating system seems to favour the South American countries maybe because they are mid-season and the European leagues are pre-season.

Off what I have seen of Ecuador’s Serie A 14th place seems quite kind but Mexico’s Premier Division should be higher placed than at 11th. Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are notable inclusions at 15th and 23rd.

Personally I would have the EPL at the top closely followed by La Liga then the Bundesliga. In y opinion the Brazilian and Argentinian leagues are the strongest on their continent but wouldn’t be in my top 5, probably the top 10.

Personal top 10 leagues.

English Premier League

La Liga


Italian Seria A

French Ligue 1

Brazilian Série A

Argentine Primera División

Portugese Primeira Liga

Mexico’s Liga MX

Chilean Primera División

I have to stress that I have hardly seen any of the leagues in Asia so do not have a full appreciation of their merits. To date I have not been impressed by the MLS.

7 thoughts on “IFFHS rate the top 25 leagues in the World.

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  1. The iffhs is probably not looking at league standard if not the epl and others would be highly placed
    but if we looked at player quality then spain would arguably be the best

  2. with all the goings on in the Italian league it seems difficult to asses it objectively. And how long will it take for the MSL to get into the top 25?

    1. Yeah…Italian and Turkish leagues are questionable right now,as is Spl…can’t see the MLS becoming good overnight despite the faded stars..all the best yanks play in Europe or want to

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