Copa America set for USA in 2016

CONMEBOL has announced plans to have the 2016 Copa America outside of South America for the first time.

Not only will the competition be in the USA, it will also include Mexico and the USA as fixed competitors along with 4 further CONCACAF nations.

The South American association is celebrating it’s 100th year anniversary in 2016 and as such the competition has been named “the Copa America Centennial”.

A cynic may view this plan as shameless effort in cash grabbing or a riposte to UEFA’s expansion of the European Championships in the same year – France 2016 with 24 teams. Regardless it should attract more attention than usual, although in recent years the Central American teams invited have fared pretty poorly.

CONMEBOL also announced that Mexico and Japan will be invited to the next Copa America in 2015, in Chile.

3 thoughts on “Copa America set for USA in 2016

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  1. I wonder if this could one day reshape the thinking of the Fifa regional qualification protocol for World Cups. As the people say here in Mexico the Americas is one continent.

  2. Turkeys voting for xmas if that happened. Mexico and USA are good but I doubt they are better than Brazil ,Argentina, Colombia, Chile or Uruguay. On a par with Ecuador and Venezuela. They have pretty easy as it stands.

    I think this Copa America 2016 is just a money making exercise and an effort to fight against Euro dominance.

    Pity they didn’t invite Scotland..about th only chance we get of international tournament

  3. though if that happens then the new system would have 8 spots for the world cup (4 1/2 plus 3 1/2) i can see that having to be a group system like happens in WC Q for UEFA. Anyway it’s never going to happen as 40 Concacaf members will out vote the 10 members from Conmebol. Brazil will not give up power to the US virgin Islands.

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