Di Canio In, Martin out.

It’s hard to understand the reasoning behind Sunderland’s decision to sack Martin O’Neill so late in the season. And even more baffling to why they replaced him with Premier League rookie and nutter, Paulo Di Canio.

Even without the Nazi salutes and Mussolini tattoos Di Canio was a spectacularly, controversial decision. He is a notorious hothead with no top flight experience and has the ability to cause fights at will.

His authoritative style of management may have worked well at League One level but I doubt it will sit well with the brittle egos of Premier League underachievers.Paul Sturrock and Southampton comes to mind.

And yet it may prove to be a inspired choice. Di Canio may rally the troops and inspire them to greatness. Some battle rousing speeches may light a fire under his struggling soldiers.

Di Canio may be a great motivator, who instills a great sense of belief in his players. Imbuing them with a confidence far greater than their own abilities.


A bit like Martin O’Neill

2 thoughts on “Di Canio In, Martin out.

  1. I would like to see Martin at Leeds, he was offered the job years ago but opted for a team called Celtic.

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