Scotland on the edge??

Its not so much our relative success in the opening fixtures of the 2016 qualification campaign but the way we are doing it that is really pleasing. Gordon Strachan has instilled a confidence in the players not only in their abilities but the whole attitude to the game. Not long ago we were being bullied into submission by even 3rd rate European teams, submitting possession and chances to likes of Georgia and Poland. Now we are dominating them in the midfield, passing around them and harrying defenders like never before.

When is the last time we saw Scotland play the ball, on the ground, out of defence?

When was the last time we saw a Scotland team take the lead or even equalise away- to a top Euro team?

Strachan’s team is the totally opposite to a confidence sapped, ultra-defensive Levein 11. Whereas Gordon has inspired and led Levein destroyed buckled.The core of the team that wilted and underperformed under Levein is still there but they appear rejuvenated under fresh charge and eager to please both manager and country. The addition of Ikechi Anya, Robertson and Gordon Greer same to outweighed the loss of Kenny Miller and Kris Commons and the swing away from the pragmatic and dull style of play of old has combined in a reinvigoration and new found belief.

This optimism may come crashing down around our ears next month against table topping Ireland but at least we are still in the mix and have a fighters chance of qualification. I am confident we can beat Ireland at Celtic Park and in the process boost our chances and reign back the Irish into the fold. The Irish seem to be organised and dogged while carrying a fair bit of luck : much like the Scottish national team in before Strachan, but i think we will have more than enough to beat them soundly.

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