My name is Ali McLauchlan

This blog has been dying for a spell as I rot in a cave in the the central highlands of Scotland. I am studying for a degree I should have gained 18 years ago then I will be able to restart my travels.



hey ho



  1. Craig Keen replied:

    Alright Ali, how are you finding Ecuador? Been here since January myself- a bit of teaching and that. Where abouts in Scotland are you from? I moved here from Glasgow.

    • ali mclauchlan replied:

      How’s it going craig..good to here from one of gods own..aye.ive been here since march teaching for EF..I’m originally from a wee town called Pitlochry north of Perth..stay in touch and we’ll grab a beer soon..maybe for Scottish cup/euro ch lge final..cheers for clicking on blog. Ali

  2. Guilherme Neto replied:

    Hello Ali,

    Would you be interested in making a partnership with Ronaldo7 (.) net? Please get in touch with me on


    Guilherme Neto

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