Cheerio Mario

Balotelli is on his way the EPL will be poorer for it.

It looks like Super-Mario will return home and sign on for Italian giants AC Milan.

The Italian striker has been cast as a petulant child often regarded as immature and surly with a disregard for the fans and his coach, Roberto Mancini.


In his short stint in English football many have concentrated upon his off field indiscretions and silly behaviour but unlike a slew of British players you cannot say antics were anytime malevolent or nasty.

There haven’t been any nasty outbursts or fights with fans. No events that could be regarded as unsavoury. Yes, he has been daft but who isn’t at 21, especially in a foreign country and with an obscene amount of money.

Much has been about his red and yellow card count. Ok, so he gets stuck in. Paul Scholes has done this for decades but lauded as a genius.

 I’d rather have Mario Balotelli than John Terry. For all his flaws Mario is a character and those rare species are severally lacking in the British game.

There seems to be a negative connotation to the term “eccentric” but in reality it is description that should be cherished. Mario is not eccentric in the media sense but normal and has more in common with Man City’s mad-cap, fanatics than any other player at the Etihad.

Is it really a coincidence that he is constantly criticised in the media but refuses to give interviews to the hacks nor play their game.

It looks like the press have got their wish and pushed Mario back home to Italy.

Well done idiots, who are you going to write about now?

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