Player sacked for trying to slap a fan.

Goole captain Karl Colley, was sent off for a tackle in their Northern Premier League First Division South game with Coalville Town.

He then went on to go absolutely mental at opposing fans who were obviously giving him it tight.

Good to see that its not only the South Americans and crazy Italians that lost the plot.

Goole immediately sacked the player.

Unconfirmed reports speculate that he will end in Scotland.

The weekly scrap: Estudiantes Tecos vs Dorados, Mexican Liga MX

Those temperamental Latin Americans have been at again but this time in the north and the land of Tequila.

A fairly innocuous challenge turns into free for all involving nearly every player.

True to form the footballers so typical fighting skills with girly kicks, pushes and slaps that your grannie would be embarrassed by.